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If you suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain, or both, please read this short page - it is vitally important to your full recovery from pain!

Here’s what you may not know…

It is quite common for people with neck pain to have problems in their shoulders, which contributes to their neck pain…

...and it’s common for people with shoulder pain to have problems in their neck which contributes to their shoulder pain.

Dr. Eric Ricchetti - a shoulder specialist in Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery says, “People may come in with shoulder pain when they really have a neck problem.” Conversely, neck pain can be caused by shoulder problems.

Kano Mayer, MD, an interventional spine specialist in Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Spine Health explains, “The way the body reports pain is somewhat unreliable. Neck and shoulder pain so commonly overlap that some refer to it as ‘shneck’ pain.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you have neck pain, there’s a good chance you have problems in your shoulder too, which could be causing some or all of your neck pain!

I want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that ALL of your neck pain will be FULLY ELIMINATED, FOR GOOD this time…

...so I want to make you a special offer to get a program I developed for healing your shoulders called Unlock Your Tight Shoulders.

When you use my Unlock Your Tight Shoulders program in combination with the "Neck Pain Solved" program you just joined, you can be certain that we will have addressed all possible causes of your neck pain.

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Get my Unlock Your Tight Shoulders program for JUST $10... so you can be absolutely sure you are addressing all possible causes of your neck pain.

This is a ONE-TIME offer…

…after you leave this page, this offer will never be available again!

How does Unlock Your Tight Shoulders help reduce and eliminate neck pain?

This program utilizes a unique shoulder reshaping method, using 8 “modalities” that are executed with gentle movements and exercises that only take a few minutes a day. This reshaping method has been proven to unlock even the most knotted shoulders, which untangles the nerves connected to the neck, ultimately healing your shoulders and eliminating your neck pain.

These are the 8 shoulder “modalities” that unlock tangled shoulders and relieve neck pain:

  1. Trigger Point Massage (82% of doctors don’t even know about this highly-effective method!)
  2. Fascial Release
  3. Capsular Flexibility
  4. Dynamic Stretching
  5. Static Stretching
  6. Mobility Exercise
  7. Muscle Activation Movement
  8. 3D Training

Inside the Unlock Your Tight Shoulders program, you’ll also learn:

  • The “swimmers block” secret that taps into 2 common shoulder tight spots
  • The amazing 90/90 stretch that lengthens short muscles
  • The muscle activation trick you ALREADY do (but simply need to hold for seconds longer to “flick the activation switch” and fire up the engine of shoulder function, movement, flexibility, strength and endurance)
  • The fun dance-style stretch to ignite all the little muscles connected to your shoulders
  • Which parts of the shoulder you MUST avoid during self-massage
  • Why mimicking a giraffe eating gives you a valuable measurement of your posture
  • And much more...

What exactly do you get with the Unlock Your Tight Shoulders program?

You get 8 videos in total:


In this first video, I introduce you to the program, give you a quick tour of everything included, and provide the basic education you need to understand your shoulders, and what exactly we’ll be doing to heal them.


In this next video, we’ll do a full assessment together so you’ll know exactly where you stand, and which “flows” and “sequences” you should use in the next section.


There are six “flows” and “sequences” videos in total - two videos for each fitness level. The fitness levels are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, and for each level there is an Instructional Video and a Follow-Along Video. With my help, you’ll know exactly which videos to use for your particular situation, so you’re fully protected, and can maximize your results in the shortest time possible.

You also get a PDF Guide - a detailed written guide with pictures that you can print out and even bring with you on the go!


If you still have any questions, these videos will show you how to get in touch with my team, where to send questions, how to make sure you’re on my list to receive exclusive updates, and more

This is a ONE-TIME offer…

…after you leave this page, this offer will never be available again!

Get my Unlock Your Tight Shoulders program for JUST $10... so you can be absolutely sure you are addressing all possible causes of your neck pain.

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